20. Czech hot air balloon championship 2016

Pilots, favourers of hot-air balloon flying, we invite you to traditional already 20th Czech national hot-air balloon championship 2016, which is taking place in Modra 227, HOTEL SKANZEN, Velehrad near city Uherske Hradiste. This year the championship is being organised by Balonklub Slovcacko under patronage of Czech balloon federation. This event will be held from Wednesday August 31 to Sunday September 4. Event director is again Zoltan Palhegyi.

Prerequisities for enter the event are at least 30 hours as PIC and maximum volume of balloon is 3000 m3 (105000 cu ft). For entrying the event please fill in the online form and make payment for entry fee until May 31.

Schedule of Czech Nationals 2016:

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